5 Cheerleading Team Bonding Ideas

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cheer pomsCheerleading is a sport that can bring a group of girls together to form a sisterhood. For over 100 years, this competition has been uniting girls, keeping them active, discouraging drug involvement, while connecting over 4 million girls in the U.S. alone. As each new season comes, new members of the team are added, giving you the opportunity to gain new friends. Here are some great team building activities to do with your team.

Make Up Nicknames
Give each girl a special name to call their own! This is especially useful if you have more than one girl with the same name on the team. Each girl will have their own identity and feel free to get creative with it! Crafting personalized shirts, headbands, sweatshirts, cheer poms, and jerseys are a great way to get to know everyone while having fun doing so!

Play Two Truths and a Lie
This game is great for new teams that haven't had the chance to get to know each other yet. Have each person choose two true fun facts about themselves along with one lie, and have the group try to guess which one is a lie! Good examples can include, "I have visited seven countries", "I was born in Spain', "I have two cats and a bird", " I have a black belt in Karate", "I love to cliff dive", etc.

Compliment Cards
Have everyone, including the coaches, sit in a circle and write their name on the top of an index card. Pass the card to the right and each girl writes something positive about that person on their card. Repeat until you complete the circle! This is a great exercise that helps to foster team unity and to do on the days when you need a little extra motivation!

The Human Knot
The human knot is a great activity that helps get rid of first-day jitters! You need an even number of cheerleaders, and it works great if you split up the team into two or three groups. Have each group stand in a circle, stick out their right hand, and grab for someone else's right hand. Repeat using your left hand, grabbing a different person as you do so. Once all are connected, the team needs to figure out how to untangle themselves without letting go!

Invest in Matching Cheer Gear
Nothing screams team spirit more than matching cheerleading accessories! From plastic megaphones to cheer poms, the options are endless! As a team, you can choose metallic pom poms, youth pom poms for teams with little hands, and even create custom pom poms! After all, what cheerleader doesn't hoard as many cheer poms as they can?

Have any other ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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